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It was December 2004 when five CIOs launched the idea of having an elite club of profesionals that will represent the CIO profession.

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CIO Council Romania is led by a non-remunerated Board  elected by the General Assembly. The Board is led by a non-remunerated President.

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We put voluntarily our knowledge, resources and efforts to support the business and the IT community from Romania

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what we do for you

We provide to our members an exchange forum for sharing of best practices and executive development, real case studies, common challenges and issues.

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CIO Council National Conference, 11th edition
The AI Digital World. Reimagine the Future of Business
October 9th, 2024, National Bank of Romania, Bucharest, 08:00 – 17:30. Book your seat!

Council Romania is a non-for-profit association that represents the community of CIOs and IT Executives from Romania. CIO Council Romania joins together the CIOs and former CIOs from a large number of major companies from Romania. Members are accepted by invitation only and approved by the Board.

Our mission is to provide to our members an exchange forum for sharing of best practices and executive development, real case studies from the industry, common challenges and issues through a collaboration platform.

We support the personal and professional development of our members and support for career evolution. We support the professional development of the IT professionals from Romania.

We are a ‘vendor–independent’ association and we provide free support and advices for professional development of the Romanian IT industry from the end-user’s perspective cooperating with the three IT market pillars: government, vendors and end-users. We put all our efforts to support the development of a clean and transparent information society at the European level. We support the digital education and digital inclusion of the society.

We act as an IT knowledge base and advisory center for the business community and the IT community from Romania, providing support to conferences, seminars or workshops as requested.

17 Years of
IT community support in Romania

9 editions of National Conferences
65 members from multinational companies
4 years of EuroCIO affiliation
100% vendor independent