6th Edition - 16 May 2018
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Nume prenume: Alfred Brujban


Pozitia:Regional IT Manager

Profil Linkedin: http://ro.linkedin.com/pub/alfred-brujban/19/7ab/155/

Short Bio:
Experienced IT professional working for multinational companies from different industries (automotive and energy) managing the IT infrastructure operations for multiple manufacturing plants, starting greenfield IT operations, leading business (SAP) and infrastructure IT teams. Over the last years he was involved in the process of defining the standards, governance and strategic planning of the IT department, starting up and coordinating an regional IT support center in Romania for the eastern hemisphere and aligning the IT strategy to the business strategy by properly planning the IT budget and resources.
He has good communication skills, project management and business analyses experience and his main objective is to transform the IT department in an business partner and enabler who listen to the business needs and is proactively seeking for ways of improving the business processes.


6th Edition - 16 May 2018