6th Edition - 16 May 2018
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Written by Ion Cibotaru   
Monday, 22 April 2013 12:27

CIO Council Romania a stabilit un parteneriat de cooperare si sustinere reciproca cu renumita companie Gartner.

Primul eveniment comun, realizat de Gartner si sustinut de CIO Council, este cel din 23 mai 2013 numit "Turbocharging the CIO with Software Tools", la care va participa analistul – Ansgar Schulte, Gartner Research Director.


Descrierea evenimentului:
The CIO’s job gets ever more challenging, due to increasing economic, regulatory and competitive pressures, changing needs and technical options. All we hear all day is what the CIOs shall do and that they shall contribute to business success. But nobody really talks about how to achieve all that without really working 20 hours a day. Ansgar’s research is focused on how to make your life as a CIO easier, by prioritizing and deploying from a wide range of tools available. We will talk about what software tools exist for CIOs to help with IT leadership and how can they get the most value from them.

Key issues:

  • Which are the critical CIO leadership disciplines?
  • What software tools exist to help CIOs with enhancing their performance in these disciplines?
  • How can CIOs get the most value from these tools?

6th Edition - 16 May 2018