6th Edition - 16 May 2018
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Bogdan Bandila

Nume prenume: Bogdan Bandila
Companie: Distrigaz Sud Retele
Pozitie: Deputy General Manager
Profil Linkedin: http://ro.linkedin.com/pub/bogdan-bandila/0/6bb/980

Short Bio:
Bogdan BANDILA is Deputy General Manager of Distrigaz Sud Retele since July 2011, he is responsible for the activities related to Finance and Investments, Human Resources, Internal Audit and Communication. Bogdan is a well-rounded professional with a deep understanding of business issues who continues to ensure his business clients are advantaged by his expertise and managerial skills.
He has joined GDF SUEZ Energy Romania as Chief Information Officer in July 2007. He brought with him 15 years of international experience in managing international projects in both North America and Europe. Prior to joining GDF SUEZ Energy Romania, Bogdan was Chief Information Officer for various organizations, focusing on aligning the IT strategy to the business strategy and ensuring an appropriate budgeting and resource planning for IT activities. Before that Bogdan worked in Canada initially as Team Leader and then as a Development Manager as well as a Consultant.
Bogdan holds from 2007 and MBA in Marketing from Ottawa University and the Economic Studies Academy in Bucharest and an Engineering Degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Cluj.


6th Edition - 16 May 2018