6th Edition - 16 May 2018
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Bogdan Tudor

Nume prenume: Bogdan Tudor

Companie: Class IT

Profil Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=22707527&trk=tab_pro

Short Bio: Bogdan grew up in Bucharest Romania. He started to be interested of computers in elementary school, when he taught himself BASIC on a Spectrum Computer and won many of the state-wide programming competitions during that period. Bogdan started earning money based on his skills beginning the second grade in high-school, at some point earning himself more money than both his parents salaries. That keeps them happy with his interests and himself busy. He started to be more interested in communications and networking because the Internet boom and begining 1999 he helped building from scratch one of the biggest local ISP that reached a 10 million exit in 2004, while... earning his computer science degree in Bucharest. Bogdan took a vacation from programming and network administration and switched to a more management oriented objective earning his EMBA degree with ASEBUSS in 2005, the same year he started a very succesfull Bucharest based IT services company. Bogdan is leading now the most briliant team that he ever joined and stating his vision for Class IT to become the preferred partner for IT services, with strong ambitions for an international expansion.


6th Edition - 16 May 2018