6th Edition - 16 May 2018
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Nume prenume: Vitalariu Doru Octavian

Companie: UniCredit Consumer Financing IFN SA

PozitieDirector servicii generale bancare

Profil Linkedin: http://ro.linkedin.com/pub/doru-vitalariu/8/6aa/811

Short Bio: More than 8 years management experience and 12 years working experience in multinational companies. I am a fast adapting and learning person - open to the NEW in general. Very good communication skills - as you can see from my CV - I have a big flexibility and experience in the Romanian banking sector after working until now in 6 banks, 4 of them situated in the top five on the local market and between the first banks in Eastern Europe or Europe. I have significant experience in start-up projects or major financial projects.


6th Edition - 16 May 2018